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John Tansley

We have added some new products to our range based on some feedback that we have received - thanks to all those who have contributed. If anyone has any ideas regarding new products, then please feel free to contact us. Some people have asked us what our target is in relation to a figure that, once reached, will enable us to acquire an overseas property. In a nutshell, once we reach the £250,000 mark, then this should enable us to start pro-actively looking for suitable properties.  In an earlier post, we had mentioned that we were looking to the Caribbean...

Location Location Location

John Tansley

We have identified many different potential locations to set-up shop, so to speak. Our main focus now is the British Virgin Islands. As well as being an overseas British territory, the BVI has a climate that should ensure all-year-round desirability. Although the travel time is longer than other more traditional locations, it is felt that the idyllic location should more than compensate for this. We will keep you posted !

Why wear a Proud to have served wristband?

John Tansley

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By purchasing something from this site, you are contributing towards a project that has an aim to help relieve stress and tension caused by the hard work which our emergency services and HM Forces day after day. We hope to be able to offer people the chance to de-stress and relax before the stress takes over and causes health problems. Be sure to keep visiting this blog to keep update with how the project is progressing.