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John Tansley

We have added some new products to our range based on some feedback that we have received - thanks to all those who have contributed. If anyone has any ideas regarding new products, then please feel free to contact us. Some people have asked us what our target is in relation to a figure that, once reached, will enable us to acquire an overseas property. In a nutshell, once we reach the £250,000 mark, then this should enable us to start pro-actively looking for suitable properties. 

In an earlier post, we had mentioned that we were looking to the Caribbean for properties. Our only concern with that part of the world is that it might work out to be too expensive for our visitors to fly to, even with our subsidised accommodation. 

So, whilst we haven't ruled this part of the world out, we might also look to more popular short-haul destinations. As ever, we shall keep you updated 

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