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During a typical month, we publish around 600 posts. Thats an incredible 150 posts per week! But, because of how Facebook's' algorithms prioritises which content to show you from across the whole of Facebook, then you will only ever see a fraction of our material & content.
Plus, owing to your busy schedule, you will inevitably end up missing our BEST content (unless you spend at least 12 hours per day browsing your Facebook News Feed)
But for only £1 / $1 / €1 per month, you can subscribe to our PREMIUM 'Never Miss' Newsletter, and we will send you our top 20 posts (determined by the amount of people those posts have reached), directly to your inbox at the end of each month!
You will also get to see the information that only our Admins can see, in relation to how many people our top 20 posts reached, including any negative feedback we received about any of the posts!
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