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There is a reason why we have over 200,000 followers on Facebook and over 1,000,000 YouTube views. But did you know that our BEST content is reserved exclusively for subscribers of our Digital Magazine? 

And now, owing to the drastic changes which Facebook have made to what you see in your News Feed, we will be putting even more of our best content into our Digital Magazine, rather than into public posts on Facebook! In a nutshell, Facebook want you to see more posts from your friends and family, rather than from pages such as ours...

So S__ts & Giggles is our one of a kind, subscription only,  emergency-services-related satirical and banter filled e-magazine! (scroll down to check out some of our reviews from subscribers)

Penned exclusively by our International Team of serving and former Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Medics and Dispatchers, alongside the world renowned and groundbreaking Police Blogger and Author PC David Copperfield.

It contains the very best and funniest emergency services related content, including stories, blogs, confessions, pictures and much more from around the world!

S__ts & Giggles is not just for the Emergency Services. ANYONE can subscribe and it is simple and easy to do so!


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Some of our Reviews


"Kept me highly entertained during the night when my insomnia decided to strike" - NR, UK


"hey - thanks! makes for good reading ! Keep up the good work" - LL, UK


"Even the wife has started reading it after me, as she wants to know what I find so funny" - SG, UK


"Absolutely loved the last issue of Shits & Giggles" - JA, London 


"My wife and I LOVE shits & giggles, great laugh" - CG, Birmingham


"Can't wait for the new edition. Best £1 I spend each month" - AH, South Molton


"Keep up with the emails - I f**king love them" - BB, Croydon


"Nothing like sitting on the bus home from work reading the new edition of sh*ts & giggles...chuckling to myself ensure a seat to myself the whole trip home" - SG, Dorset


"Love your work, keep it up. much love" - SM, Virginia (USA)