Thin Blue Line Velcro Patch

Thin Blue Line Velcro Patch

A 50mm embroidered removable velcro badge. Small enough to be noticed, yet not too big to cause you any problems with the powers that be. The Thin Blue Line represents all those who do, have and will serve in the Police Force. Wearing it, is just one way of showing your support of, or affiliation to, the Police. 

You won't find this cheaper elsewhere in a brand new condition! 

As of 28th July, 2017, we are increasing the donation made to Care of Police Survivors from 20%, to 26% of each sale. Just to clarify, that's not 20% of profits, thats 20% of each sale (gross as opposed to net) 

This is because we have managed to make some savings in the production costs which, rather than profit from, will directly benefit the charities which we support with the sale of this Patch. 

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