Thin Blue Line Wristband

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Thin Blue Line Wristband

The Thin Blue Line wristband. Worn by Police Officers/staff and the public alike to signify & support the thin line between order, and chaos. Also a great way for the public to show their support for the Police - the world over. 

Since July '16 we have managed to raise £180.91p (up to 25/08/2017) for Care of Police Survivors with 20% from the sale of each wristband going to this dedicated Police charity.  

The rest of the sales (80%) from the sale of this wristband, go into the actual unit cost, the cost associated with the importation and distribution of the wristband, fulfilment charges (the wristband is sent using a third party company) the cost of hosting the wristband on this site (as well as the associated Stripe charges) along with the standard eCommerce costs, and also, marketing the wristband (on Social Media).

The majority of the remaining 80% is spent on our Facebook adverts. We get charged a set amount by Facebook for each click received on the adverts which get shared on Facebook. 

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